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Teaching Your Child the Power of Giving

Around this time of year, we take time to think about the power of giving and its importance. As Thanksgiving and Christmas come around, this is a good time to talk to your child about why giving back is important. It is easiest to show the effects of giving to children by example. Below, we […]

Veterans Day

Veterans Day falls annually on November 11th and it marks a day of remembrance and appreciation for those in the armed forces. It is a day to thank all veterans from all wars for their services.  It has been a national holiday since 1919, to mark the signing of a peace treaty from World War I. […]

Staying Safe this Halloween

In today’s day and age safety is a huge concern for many parents, especially when letting their little ones outside in the evening. Below we have some helpful tips on how to keep your family safe this Halloween. Always accompany your child while trick-or-treating If trick-or-treating with a large group of children, consider one or […]

Ideas and Activities to make Father’s Day special!

Celebrating a parent is always great way to bond with your child and family. This Father’s Day, make it special by participating in an engaging activity with your dad or father figure in your life. This holiday isn’t limited to fathers – grandfathers, uncles, and older brothers often offer the same support system as fathers! Oftentimes, […]

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Mother’s Day is celebrated each year on the second Sunday of May, which falls on May 14th this year. A woman, by the name of Julia Ward Howe, founded this celebratory day in the early 20th century. On this day, we honor the mother of the family, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers […]