Glass Walls

A world without walls…

Kids ‘R’ Kids utilizes tempered, safety glass walls for our classrooms for a multitude of reasons. First, they provide the best view possible of ongoing child care. Secondly, they’re cleaner and safer and leave no question of who is caring for your children.

Glass walls promote an open environment, where teachers and children are in constant contact with one another. Any activity in a Kids ‘R’ Kids classroom is easily visible through these glass walls ensuring the utmost safety and security of everyone. Your child can also observe the teacher and activities in the next room – making her transition to the next class easier.

Our walls are tempered too, just like windshields. In the unlikely event they break, they’ll crumble, leaving no danger for infant child care, preschool or school-age kids.

Too many walls mean too little communication. Our open plan lets the light shine in and your child’s face shine through.

Watch our video Top 10 Reasons to Choose Kids ‘R’ Kids or contact a local school near you.